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“Daniel Is A Man Passionately Living This Life To The Full And Taking Us Along For The Ride!”

Daniel Gil is a man of passion. When we first met I was a four time American Ninja Warrior finalist while Daniel wasn’t even old enough to compete! I was taken aback by how much passion he had for this sport. As I got to know Daniel it didn’t take long to see this passion spilled over in so many other ways: people, encouraging them and motivating them, as well as for training and being the best he was created to be. All good things, but what I was most pleased to find was Daniel’s uttermost passion for Jesus. As his monicker would suggest, Daniel lives for the Kingdom of God first and foremost. We are both part of the “ninja family” but I’m so thankful to call him a brother in Christ first. He is not ashamed of living a life sold out to Jesus and using his gifts to bring glory to Him. Full of character, determination, virtue – not to mention freakish athletic ability – Daniel is a man passionately living this life to the full and taking us along for the ride! I’m so incredibly thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

Travis Rosen

Ninja Competitor

“A Wonderful Coach And A Very Helpful Training Partner. ”

Daniel Gil is one of only a handful of ninjas who are above and beyond exceptional in every sense of the word. He is above all an honest, sincere, and truthful human being. He cares deeply for everyone and is always willing to do anything he can to help out a fellow ninja, fan or stranger sitting next to him. His athlete skills are at the elite of the elite and always striving to become better. A wonderful coach and a very helpful training partner. He is truly genuine and I am honored to have him in my life.

Jamie Rahn – Captain NBC

Ninja Competitor

“I Enjoy Seeing His Love For God And Others!”

I have enjoyed getting to know Daniel these past few years! It’s always a pleasure hanging out with him, praying together, talking about life, training together, and of course, eating ice cream together! I enjoy seeing his love for God and others! It’s also been great to see his success on Ninja Warrior and how he uses that to encourage and bless everyone!

Michelle Warnky

Ninja Competitor