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Season 12 Champion of American Ninja Warrior

Every day is different when it comes to my training and in my sport, different types of training translate well to obstacle courses. I implement new training disciplines seasonally.

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For Daniel, training is therapeutic. It’s been a part of his daily routine since childhood, in some form or another. It’s a way to have fun, destress and also test the limits of what the human body is physically capable of. Every day of training is different for Daniel as he strives towards his athletic goals. For you however, training can simply begin with movement. Start right where you’re at and find something that you like to do that gets you moving. Then set goals, and realistic daily steps to work towards those goals. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to live a healthier, happier life and achieve greater physical abilities and endurance.

Remember this: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”Zig Ziglar

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Why Ninja Warrior?

To conquer the world’s toughest obstacle courses.

What does “Kingdom” mean?

It’s a reminder of his first priority in life from Matthew 6:33, “seeking first the Kingdom of God”

Do you train other ninjas? If so, where?

Yes, Daniel trains and coaches regularly at Iron Sports Gym in Houston, Tx. He also coaches at clinics and camps at Ninja gyms nationwide. Click Here to invite Daniel to visit your gym!

Favorite obstacles and courses?

Mega Wall, Corkscrew, Spider Trap, Double Dipper. Houston Qualifiers Course 2015 & Stage 3, 2019.

Toughest obstacle in American Ninja Warrior?

Stage 4 – Mt. Midoriyama

Hobbies outside of training?

Time with family & friends, reading, writing, studying.

What do Daniel’s training days look like?

Usually 2-5 hrs total, spread out during the day including warm up, workout, cooldown, then later in the day stretching and rehab. He includes Hot tub, Cold Plunge, Sauna and PT (Physical Therapy) into his weekly routine as well.

Health & Nutrition

Daniel is a creature of habit and eats a lot of the same foods regularly. With every meal he remembers that the body is a machine and the fuel you put into it matters more than you think. Bottom line, you put good in, you’ll get good out. Supplements are great too, but only as an enhancement to a good diet. So enjoy life, eat well, and be intentional about what you put into your body, athlete or not.