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American Ninja Warrior Season 12 Recap

I DID IT! 2020 Grand Champion of American Ninja Warrior Season 12. After six exciting years full of prayer, blood, sweat and tears, I finally did it.  Now you better believe that I’ve still got my eyes set on a rematch with Mt. Midoriyama! Hopefully, next year. This season was a lot different than any other season. After much delay, I was so thankful that we were even able to have a season amid the craziness that was/is 2020. There were a lot of Covid restrictions so no friends, family or audience members were allowed. It was hard not having my wife Abby and family there with me physically during that time but I did my best to make them proud. Thank you all for cheering me on over the years and for your love and support!

I am already back to training and looking forward to season 13! I have also been able to do some traveling during the pandemic, for which I am grateful. Most of my large events this year were postponed or canceled. However, the smaller ones are still happening and for that Abby and I are thankful. I started doing more zoom interviews and training videos. It is a different season of life but we are still blessed and full of faith! I really enjoy speaking and sharing my Ninja Warrior stories wherever I go.

For those who are wondering, Abigail and I are doing very well, thanks! We are looking into moving into our first home and are very excited! last year we released our first kids book! It’s called “The Little Ninja – Go, Ninja, Go!”. Check it out if you haven’t already. You can find it on Amazon & Kindle. We are currently working on our second one so keep your eyes open for it!

I’m still working at Iron Sports gym in Houston, Texas directing the homeschool ninja program, and doing personal training sessions. Send me a message if you would like a personal training session. Classes are growing and all of the students are getting stronger!

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